PM Solutions

Project management software helps project managers and their teams collaborate and meet goals on time while managing resources and costs. Features can include task distribution, time tracking, budgeting, resource planning, team collaboration, and many more. People also refer to project management software as task management software or project portfolio management (PPM).

Project management has become increasingly complex over the last decade. This often leads to large projects, particularly information technology companies, ending up behind schedule, over budget, and with a lower than anticipated return on investment.

Business professionals often rely on a project management system to help them oversee multiple efforts. Similarly, companies today can more easily mitigate risk by identifying failed aspects of a project using time-tracking software that forecasts the completion dates of each phase of the project.

How can we help you with your Project Software at Audox?

At Audox, we can help you:

  • Choose the best Project Software, according to your industry, company size, and departments that will use the tool.
  • Install and configure the tool in a way that suits your work team.
  • Educate your team on the best practices and market trends in terms of project management.

Project Management Software we recommend:

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