About Us

Audox Engineering SpA. began as a small company more than 10 years ago, focused on the development of high-class technology projects.

Currently, Audox is a consulting company specialized in providing Technological Solutions to enhance Customer Capture and Loyalty. It seeks to improve the commercial management of companies to boost their sales and results.

What does Audox focus on?

The above is possible to achieve and perform by delivering solutions in 3 main areas: CRM, BI, and Email Marketing. Thanks to the specialized engineers that we have, and with the extensive experience in companies of different areas, assuring our clients the use of the best practices in each business.


Deliver Technological Solutions for Customer Capture and Loyalty.


To be a technological benchmark at the Latin American level.

More About Audox

At Audox we have a team of in-house and international professionals with years of experience in their specialty areas, who together make up a highly trained group to provide answers and solutions to business needs and problems, commercial management, customer management, and sales.

Our global reach allows us to work with clients around the globe and our in-office and remote work capabilities will provide many benefits to our clients.

Are you interested in knowing more or working with us? You can contact us on our form, or also, by WhatsApp.

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